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Biodiversity Research and Conservation Society, BRCS is a non-governmental local organization registered with Government of Nepal under Social council act, 1992. The Biodiversity Research and Conservation Society (BRCS) of Nepal is a non-profit organization focused on research, conservation, and education related to biodiversity and natural resources management actively working since 2018 in Nepal. The society aims to conserve the rich biodiversity of Nepal through scientific research and community-based conservation programs. BRCS has been conducting various research projects related to biodiversity conservation, climate change, and sustainable natural resources management. The organization has been working to create awareness among local communities about the importance of biodiversity and the need for its conservation. BRCS also provides technical and financial assistance to local communities for the conservation of natural resources and the promotion of sustainable livelihoods. BRCS has been implementing several programs and services for biodiversity conservation, such as wildlife research and monitoring, community-based conservation, ecotourism development, capacity building, and awareness-raising campaigns. The organization also offers technical support to government agencies and other stakeholders for biodiversity conservation planning and policy development. One of the major programs of BRCS is community-based conservation, where the organization works closely with local communities to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable resource management practices. The society also promotes ecotourism development as a means to provide economic benefits to local communities while conserving natural resources. Overall, BRCS plays a crucial role in biodiversity conservation and natural resources management in Nepal by conducting research, providing technical assistance, and raising awareness among local communities and stakeholders.

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