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Biodiversity Assessment of Chaubise Rural Municipality, Dhankuta, Nepal

Wednesday, 2 March 2022 Principal Investigator Bivek Gautam


Biodiversity Research and Conservation Society is collaborating with the Shailung Green Society, Chaubise Rural Municipality, and Nepal Conservation and Research Center this time to explore the biodiversity of Chaubise Rural Municipality, Dhankuta, Nepal.



Chaubise Rural Municipality (formed by a merger of Budhabare, Mudebas, Kuruletenupa, Bodhe, Rajarani, Maunabuthuk, and Basantatar V.D.C.) is located in the south-eastern region of Dhankuta district. Its area is 147.6 square km and its total population is 19,283 (CBS 2022). Chaubise Rural Municipality is surrounded by Sagurigadi Rural Municipality at the west, Tamor River at the north, Miklajung Rural Municipality (Panchthar) at the east, and Kerabari Rural Municipality and Letang Municipality at the South. About 90 percent of people are involved in farming and animal husbandry practices. After the establishment of the wine industry at RajaRani, Kiwifruit which is known as "Thekifal" in the Nepali language has become a major cash crop of this region. Equal imphasis will be given to all the eight wards- 6 no Budhabare, Mudebas, Kuruletenupa, Bodhe, Rajarani, Maunabuthuk and Basantatar.

The nature of soil present is non-plastic and is formed by in- situ weathering of parent rock. Deep gullies are prominent features caused by intensive erosion and denudation of soil. Because of its natural beauty, Rajarani lake is a popular destination for tourists and trekkers and recently explored touristic location. It is situated above 1600 m from sea level, surrounded by forest of Myrica esculenta, Castanopsis sp., Rhododendron arboreum, Pinus roxburghii and Alnus nepalensis (Shrestha and Rai, 2017). The average air temperature of this region is about 20°C.



Project Site: Chaubise Rural Municipality, Dhankuta

From last- Rijan Ojha, Bivek Gautam, Yuvaraj Karki and Netra Koirala



The project will be focused to prepare a checklist of Medicinal plants, orchids, amphibians, and reptiles.

Financial support: Chaubise Rural Municipality.

Principal Investigator: Bivek Gautam. email:,

Co-Principal Investigator: Rijan Ojha. email:


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